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The Kashmir cause has 73 years of a miserable historical background. Crippling masses collapsed economic life, no judiciary and a list of injustices are out there as the specifications of the occupied Kashmir and Pakistan are lethargic in this regard. If Pakistan would have been a prominent member out there in the UN. Other members of the UN would have been voted in favour of pakistan and the kashmir cause so far and the kashmir issue would have been resolved so far in favour of both Kashmir and Pakistan.

However, unfortunately pakistan is not that much an active member of the UN because of various factors, which includes dishonest politicians, lack of experience in the world peace, underdeveloped status, loans at the end Pakistan not been involved by the UN in other peace concerns of the world, which kept the confidence of Pakistan low in the UN. Because of the Indian interference in the occupied kashmir there used to be rallies and protests , in return lockdown and curfew on daily basis and the killing of the innocent masses since 1947 by the Indian army forces which is like a lifelong trend there.

Mass is clipped there because of the spoilage of business in the occupied Kashmir. People sacrifices their lives for the cause of Kashmir. Education systems and health services has rotten the lives of the public there. They can’t acquire education unless they go abroad and their health services are restricted. There is no concept of recreation and no relief for the public from the lifelong discussions, confusion and anxiety. Almost all the people suffer from psychic disorders. Other government services are restricted also and people goes outside to acquire employment. Almost whole life of masses is disturbed there. The negligence of the UN about the Kashmir cause and fatigued not heard struggle of Pakistan or any regional organisation for peace in the UN caused the sustained of the conflicted and controversial Kashmir.

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The presence of the Indian army forces in the territory of conflicted kashmir is another basic reason behind the current conditions of the occupied Kashmir, where no organisation for regional peace didn’t put up the issue of the occupied Kashmir to the Indian government. Member countries of the UN never weighed in voting more in favour of Pakistan and Kashmir than India and because of the disagreement between Pakistan and India about Kashmir prolonged the Kashmir issue for such a historical long time. The absence of Pakistan army forces in the occupied Kashmir made the Kashmir issue did exist, as it in return kept the morale of Indian government and its the armed forces high, which is against the Kashmir issue.

As per the human nature masses across the globe do not feel safe because of the Kashmir cause. As they see the unsuccessful attempts of the UN in this regard, and condemn it. The inflicted masses are hopeless in the occupied Kashmir. They raise their voice on media to the outside world about their miserable life and the UN along with other regional organisation for peace have lost their reputation among the global public. Occupied Kashmir is posing threat to the morale of Pakistani army forces in this regard and enhancing the brutality of the Indian army forces. This effect of the current occupied Kashmir is because of the failure in agreement of both the Indian and Pakistani governments with each other.

The bilateral relationship of Pakistan with other Muslim countries in this regard affect the reputation of Pakistan among these Muslim concerns, as they see the repetition of the failure of Pakistan about the Kashmir cause. The brutality of Indian army in the occupied Kashmir is inhumane. The world on the basis of humanistic values condemn the UN. India and Pakistan for the current Kashmir cause. The issue of the occupied Kashmir is the obvious failure of the propeace organizations and has weakened the supremacy of the UN almost since its establishment. The world seek solution to the issue of the occupied Kashmir from the UN. Those countries which are in favour of the will of the Kashmiri public, the Pakistani army uninterested and weak otherwise such a tight army like Pakistan do have can resolve the issue of the occupied Kashmir very easily with its hard power there in.

Kashmir issue is an example of the lack of peace in this region like the issue of peace of Palestine, Ukraine, Tamil Nadu and Chechnya does exist and the Human rights are daily jeopardized because of the crippling masses. The kashmir issue is in this form since 1947 and the blood loss of Kashmiris has a very hard traditional history. The whole world is against this blood loss and they see this as the misfortunate of the Kashmiri masses. However, the Kashmiri masses and the outside world except India are still hopeful and relate it to God.

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Pakistan must have a prominent place in the UN, for which Pakistan has to improve its ties with those countries who vote against the will of the Kashmiri and resist Pakistan about the Kashmir cause, organisations for peace in this region must have meetings and seminars and Indian government must have a policy on humanistic basis about the occupied Kashmir. Indian government must eliminate its army forces as its against the will of Kashmir people. UN must have a special focus and concentration to such a voice of Kashmiris which needs and seeks to be raised on the international forums. The UN must also have to support the presence of Pakistan army force in the occupied Kashmir which can develop a sense of safety and security in the occupied Kashmir.

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi





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