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By: Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi

The tragic situation of democracy in Pakistan is understood by all media persons as well as of contemporary individuals who are expressing their interests in politics nowadays, which is irrelevant for the betterment of Pakistan. The illegal activities from the government officials are on it’s way to sharp focus the desperation of the Pakistani community to escape their homeland. Not going to be in a detailing stage ‘ in nutshell there are the elaborated sources that some things are actually propagating and creating a controversial case in a religious suburbs on Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Despite a reduction in the frequency of his followers, the main focus determined on his honor and his personal life, as the history repeatedly it will create a worst case for all of the state. Dirty Harry and the thieves of Pakistan based on failed London plan determined Imran Khan to leave Pakistan or to leave their conspiracies and their sins, for this the elections will delayed and the turmoil-in-HEC will be against mass and Imran Khan. Pakistanis have faced constant issues of economic growth and poverty for the ‘absolutely not’ of IK against America. Over the past two decades, security and financial issues has become the norm for Pakistan that they have been facing here but currently they desperate to escape Imran Khan, which is unacceptable for the followers and supporters.

There’s still a deep-rooted trauma for people, the lives of individuals isn’t easy at all. IK offered people the opportunity to live lives free of fear, far away from the ghettoized. And this is the only sin of him, at least he tried his best to augment the acknowledgement in the people of Pakistan and hence what! He passed with fire, although it’s not easy task but people presently awakened. People have suffered of the worst injustices and now Imran Khan suffer especially in the name of honour and now there will be religious accusations on him. Revealing the skewed nature of law and order in Pakistan that turns a blind eye to the atrocities suffered by Imran Khan. For thieves of London and Sindh, the current threat of people was an easy target before Imran Khan in past.

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The youth aren’t lured of biryani and some penny’s of Nani nowadays. Though the immature under 18 aren’t mature enough to make that choice of vote but the awareness of today can be useful in future if the forces makes absolute effort to combat against all malicious people. Now, even if these culprits thieves manage to escape and return from UAE, Qatar, London or anywhere, the people of Pakistan don’t accept them at any cost.

Moreover, people who persist and demand their basic right of vote, often also meet with cruel punishments, hardly any action has been taken against culprits, that’s not the case in democracy it’s unacceptable, elections must be held at any cost which is according to law.

The manifesto was made clear, the people are now against the atrocities and culprits of the corrupt system of government, in line with the objectives of Imran Khan people of Pakistan mobilized to also collectively protest against the wrong injustices and corruption of thieves. All of these organizations that rented out in favor of corrupt monsters will create a religious forms of allegations against Imran Khan this is a new propagate Dirty Harry plan of system.

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi





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